I read things like this or this everyday, I see teens that brag about how and when they lost their virginity, I see how lewd jokes are just shrugged off, kids can just back talk their parents and other adults and suffer no consequences at all.  I keep hearing how we are the most advanced society of all time, yet we cannot treat each other with respect, most people lack any common sense, and things that were incredibly unacceptable fifty years ago are now just brushed off.  I wonder if we’re so advanced, why do simple things like respect and common sense escape us?  The more we start to push away from morals and a belief in God and the more we rely on ourselves and our creations, ie machines etc, the worse we seem to get.  We have become arrogant and rebellious and we pay the price.   We pay it with loss of freedoms, a generation of people that cannot think for themselves, a generation that cannot function unless someone tells them what they should or should not do by listening to not their elders, but the mass media.  This is an apathetic generation.  A generation that goes with the flow, do what feels good and do it now.  There is no patience, there is no conscience.  There is no value of life among them.

If you’ll look through history across the world you’ll see something interesting.  The more a culture strays from their moral values they were founded on, reject God or just decide that they don’t need archaic rules anymore the more it degrades and eventually collapses.  A nation cannot survive without moral values, without respect and a value on life.  Once you lose those you are on a path to destruction.  Everywhere I look I see this happening in every nation of the world, save for maybe the isolated tribes, but I’m referring to the major influences of this time.  Every single one is suffering from the same thing, reliance on self and machine, crumbling morals, life losing its value and people who will not stand up for themselves, sheep.

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