Pink slime, what is it and why? Please check out these videos:

This is gross! Really gross.
I knew Mc Donalds and other fast food chains had been using it (thankfully they stopped) but I didn’t ever think it was in regular beef you buy at the store. Though that shouldn’t surprise me with all the other nasty stuff they’ve been adding to our food and calling safe. (i.e. Corn Syrup, Aspartame, growth hormones etc.) This stuff is being served in schools too! That part doesn’t surprise me at all though cause when I went to public school some of the “hot lunch” food was spoiled when they served it to us. A kid go a hold of a green hotdog and got nasty food poisoning from it. Granted he was dumb enough to eat it but still! It shouldn’t have even been served!

Michelle Obama is promoting better food and good health in schools, then WHY did the government just buy 7 million pounds of this pink slime to serve at schools?! This stuff used to be classed as only acceptable to feed to dogs!

There are two petitions going around for people to sign HERE and HERE. Please check them out and spread the word!

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