Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there!  I hope everyone has a great weekend, whether you celebrate the 4th or not!     Today is also my husband and I’s 5th anniversary.  :)   Thought I’d share this drawing we got from a good friend of ours!  She’s got some fantastic work so please do check her gallery out.


Oh and just a small update, I’ve finally re-launched my Redbubble store and posted up a whole slew of new products from stickers to cell phone cases to shirts and pillow.  Check it out up there in the menu bar.  :)

Crazy how time flies.  I hope everyone had a nice Easter, for those who celebrate, and for those who don’t… well I hope you had a nice April!  XD

Well I’ve finally got some site updates!   I’ve completely redone my portfolio site, updated the link up there for any interested, you can go check it out.  It still will probably get some more tweaks but I’m fairly satisfied with it now.  I’ve also brought back the image tutorials page because I’ve finally made a new tutorial.  Just something really simple but I’m going to hopefully be posting a couple more to go with that one soon.  :)

Other than that I’ve just been busy with work, chauffeuring elderies to doctor appointments and trying to read more so I can finally get through my long list of to-reads.  Been doing ok so far, I’ve read more books this year  than I did the whole of last year, so I feel I’ve accomplished something there.  :P  Oh and last but not least I started up a Patreon.  :)  Please check it out.

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Please check out my Patreon page and consider becoming a patron! :) There's some great perks and it helps me keep my sites going and helps me be able to produce more personal art like comics, free line arts etc.

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