About the Artist

Art Collage

My name is Kris.  I’ve worked as a freelance artist for over a decade, working with private clientele and companies to create children’s books, logos, 2D animation, and package designs. I dabble in web design from time to time as well.

Growing up I always had a passion for art and I’m mostly self taught outside of my Animation Mentor training, which focused mainly on computer animation.  I have a love for animals and enjoy including them in much of my work.  I’ve always been inspired by many of the comics and traditionally animated films of the 90’s and early 00’s, and much of my work is cartoonish in nature due to this.  Though over the years I’ve discovered a love for painting and sketching realism too.

I constantly strive to push myself, improving my work by exploring new techniques, styles, and drawing things I’m unfamiliar with.  My strength lies in drawing the organic, but I’m is also very capable of drawing mechanical things such as cars, planes etc. with style being quite versatile.  My favorite genre to work in is fantasy and I love to convey emotion and humor through my art.