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Children’s Books

  • Kris 

I’ve worked on a number of children’s books over the years, most are smaller indie projects. I’ve had a blast working on them! Here are a few.

Fritz Goes to the Ritz is about a little Havachin pup that nobody wanted.  Follow Fritz on his incredible journey in New York as he meets new people, makes friends, and finds his forever home!

Available on and other sites.

Check out Fritz’s website!

Meet Glinkglorg, a curious, and fun-loving pointy-eared green alien from the planet Zip Zaffer!
Glinkglorg’s story begins when he gets bored and decides to explore outer space and to go to a planet never visited by any alien before! At Earth, Glinkglorg meets new friends, both animals and humans traveling in a most amazing machine! This machine is his Zipnorf, which can easily travel in all landscapes.
Join Glinkglorg on a fun adventure to a faraway planet called Earth.

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Glinkglorg's Zipnorf

It’s a beautiful spring day, and the animals are playing hide-and-seek in the forest. Can you help little fox find his friends? In this latest installment of the Little Fox Language learning series readers are introduced to prepositions, which link nouns and pronouns together with other parts of a sentence. Includes an illustrated chart of prepositions and side-by-side word comparison.

This book comes in various other languages to go alongside the English text.

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A fun little book about a fox and the adventures he goes on throughout his day, meeting other animal friends and seeing new things. This book comes in various other languages to go alongside the English text.

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A heartwarming rhyming story that describes the adventures of bears from all over the world. Visit places like Alaska, the Gobi Desert, Italy, and the Andes Mountains to meet playful grizzlies, sun bears, pandas, black bears, and many more!

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Mary Mason begged her mother to homeschool her, but she got sent to Thalassa Boarding School anyway. Being the shyest among her cousins, she was unsurprised to be sorted into the Turtle Wing. Even with them, she is still an outcast until two mergirls, Kona and Star, stand up for her when she is being bullied.

When her teacher announces that all first-year students have to perform in the annual talent show in a group of three, Mary is very nervous. Her only two friends aren’t in her class and no one else is interested in having her in their group. What will happen when she is forced to be in a group with her biggest tormentors? Can they get past their differences to put on an amazing performance or will they be humiliated?

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The Talented Turtle (Cover Only)

Caleb learns about what being a true hero really means.

This book is no longer available in print.

1 Peter 4:10 Each one of you should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

This book is no longer available in print.

A light-hearted rhyming story that describes how a little boy and a young wolf met in the wilderness. Turn the pages to learn how Jack, the boy, and O, the wolf, became best friends!

This book is no longer available in print.