These prices are in USD and for full body pieces (unless stated).  Some prices may vary depending on job details. If a price isn’t listed, drop me a line and I’ll send a custom quote. These prices are for non commercial work ONLY.  

Comments or questions? Feel free to contact me at mithmeoi [AT] protonmail [.] com or you can use this form to order a commission. Please check out my TOS below for information on payment  and what I will or won’t draw.

Please note: If a background is requested pricing will depend on the detail needed to go into that.  If just a simple color or texture behind a sketch or flat color, there is not additional charge.

Telegram stickers can vary in price for full body/amount of detail.

Payment methods:

Terms of Service:

  1. I require prepay, and the price in full.  I am sorry if this is inconvenient, but I have had to change my policy due to issues with payment in the past. I guarantee that I will get the work done and if there are delays I will keep in contact. If, however, the commission is more than $100 I will consider a half and half payment plan.  (REFUNDS: I will only refund if I have not already started on the order.  If the order has been started, only in the sketching phase, I will give a partial refund.  Once it is beyond that phase I will not refund.)
  2. Please DO send a colored reference or an easy to follow list description of the character/person/animal. Also, please refrain from sending long descriptive stories about characters and setting. This is not due to an aversion to reading, it’s just because I have a hard time trying to draw the characters/setting when I have to sort through pages of description and I do not have time to read stories.
  3. I try to finish all commissions within two months of receiving the order.  Unless it is a really complex picture I can mostly guarantee this.  However if you need the piece by a certain date, DO tell me in advance.  I will make sure it takes top priority.
  4. I am a clean artist, therefore I will not draw sexually explicit art.
  5. Unless it is my own errorI will only make changes to sketches when it comes to posing/background, if you don’t point out and tell me what you want revised in the sketch it will be final.  I will not make changes to a fully inked/colored work unless it’s something small like changing a color or adding a marking I missed.  I will NOT make ANY edits to a finalized piece once it has been approved as finished.
  6.  I will re-work a rough sketch up to 2 times.  After that there will be an additional fee for more work.
  7. Be specific, if you want your character wearing a bathrobe of a certain color/type/brand send me photos or drawings of said item.  I like knowing and having good references.
  8. Important to note, commissions will be deemed as abandoned if I have not heard from the client in over 6 months. At which point there will be no refund and I cannot guarantee if/when the commission will be finished if the client does eventually correspond. Success of a commission is based on good, steady communication, please keep in touch if you have paid for something!

In regards to edits and re-posting:


  • Re-post the piece with credit.
  • Use as a wallpaper, print it out for personal use etc.
  • Make small edits such as adding text, cropping for use as a display picture.


  • Re-sell the piece.
  • Commission another artist to alter/edit the piece in any way.
  • Remove any credits on the piece.

 Things I Won’t Draw

It’s pretty easy to figure out what I WILL draw just from my list up there but here’s a run down of what I won’t draw.

  • Extreme Fetishes
  • Sex/Porn
  • Hate Art (ie racism, anti-religion, etc)
  • Propaganda


I don’t always post commissioned work to my galleries, so please do not ask.  You’re free to post it to your own gallery, or wherever else you’d like though!