Frank and Travis

Master reference page. They’re still a WIP but gettin’ there!

Frank: 35, bit of a grump, sarcastic af, emotionally constipated, some may consider a little prickly, but deep down is a softy (especially when it comes to Travis) which he will never admit.

Travis: “Wild” boar, 2-3 years old, raised by Frank, loves mangoes. Happy go lucky, gets into mischief often and loves to annoy Frank with his shenanigans.

Relationship & Personality: Frank found Travis as a baby, orphaned, so he raised him from a little piglet.
Travis is like a giant lap dog, hogs the bed at night, likes to steal food from Frank when he’s not looking. He’s very smart so he likes to annoy his human because he knows he can get away with it if he pulls a sad puppy face afterward.
Frank keeps a tidy house, and Travis brings home “friends” like squirrels and raccoons and they all make a big mess of things.
Despite Travis being mischievous and always getting into some kind of trouble Frank would never trade him for anything in the world and they have a very strong friendship bond.

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Photo ref

Some photo ref I’ve used to design/redesign theses characters which maybe useful! Yes, Frank was partially redesigned based off of Michael Fassbender’s face and physique. lol